About SSPX Sri Lanka

Back in 1984 five members of the Franciscan Third Order read an article on Archbishop Lefebvre and the Traditional Latin Mass. They decided to write to the Archbishop in Econe, Switzerland, and ask if he would agree to send a priest to give them the Mass of all times.

The Archbishop replied that if a good number of people were interested, he would send a priest.

These Third Order members managed to find 85 faithful interested in having the Latin Mass and got permission from Archbishop Nicholas Markus, from Colombo, to get the Latin Mass to Sri Lanka. They sent the letter to Archbishop Lefebvre who agreed to..

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The Saint Francis Xavier’s Messenger – #31– August 2017 | The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Saint Francis Xavier N. 31 August 2017

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A word of welcome from the District Superior<> Not Enough Labourers But the workers are so few! Priests — where are you to give the Way, the Truth and the Life to so many souls wait- ing for light and salvation? he devil, knowing so well the power of one de- vout priest, concentrates his attacks on potential vocations..
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